British Life RP

A British themed FiveM server with great expertise in roleplay.

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What is BLRP?

British life RP is a FiveM server in where users can come together and roleplay but British Life RP isn't like any other roleplay server, this server is British/Scottish orientated, we have added many british items, for example, british AI driven cars, the police are modelled after Police Scotland and the NHS are all british as well, mechanics have british themed trucks and a custom workshop and salesroom, and many other enhancements just to make the time of the players more enjoyable, with constant updates and new aspects being added you will never get bored!

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Change Log / Updates

[UPDATE] - 04/05/2020

You can now message Police/Mechanic/Taxi/Ambulance using the old method of Phone > Favorites and sending them a message and it will automatically include your GPS coordinates.

For those of you who use a controller, A no longer opens the Phone.

Disabled Emote Keybinds because they conflict with controllers, also disabled B from opening Emote menu.

Text messages received should no longer show a notification in French.

[UPDATE] - 03/05/2020

Reduced the ridiculous number of items needed to craft a Pistol.
-Removed Basic Sights, Magazine, Accessory Rail, Barrel

The rest of the crafting requirements for it remain the same.

More changes are coming regarding crafting/weapons because at the moment it is...not good.

[UPDATE] - 03/05/2020

Cooldown for each shop robbery reduced by half, now 90m cooldown for each shop, rewards increased significantly.
Bank robbery rewards increased significantly

More Updates...